Where Are Your Headlights Aiming?

headlightsHeadlight Aiming

An article from our Car Service series

Headlight aiming is rarely done on a regular basis and is not included in any manufacturer’s service interval items. Properly aimed headlights can be the difference between a safe easy drive and the alternative that can at worst, be dangerous.

There are 2 ways to know if you need your aim adjusted:

  1. You can see the light beams hitting the road ahead within 15 meters of the front of your car. This means they are too low and are not doing their job.
  2. You have on-coming traffic flashing you because your lights and too high and shining in their eyes.

The adjustment may only be 2-3mm at the light housing but this translates to metres on the road.

Eclipse Automotive has the correct headlight aiming equipment to make sure your vehicle’s headlights are safe and roadworthy.
This also applies to fog lights in the lower front bar of many modern cars. Fog lights are designed to cut under the fog and illuminate the road and if they are aimed high, the light reflects off the fog and you may as well be driving though a thick cloud.

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