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Ensuring Your Airbags Are Working

An article from our Car Service series Airbag light on? This is a serious fault. Many people do not know, but when the airbag light is on, the airbag or SRS System will not operate in the event of an accident. If you have a crash, none of the airbags will deploy. There are many […]

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Where Are Your Headlights Aiming?

Headlight Aiming An article from our Car Service series Headlight aiming is rarely done on a regular basis and is not included in any manufacturer’s service interval items. Properly aimed headlights can be the difference between a safe easy drive and the alternative that can at worst, be dangerous. There are 2 ways to know […]

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Car Battery Check – A Stitch In Time!

An article from our Car Service series Modern car batteries can be expected to last anywhere between 3-6 years. Most batteries in late model vehicles are ‘service’ or ‘maintenance free’. Years ago a battery could be topped up with distilled water if needed but now the majority are sealed. Eclipse Automotive does a battery test […]

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