Car Battery Check – A Stitch In Time!

Mechanic Airport West - BatteriesAn article from our Car Service series

Modern car batteries can be expected to last anywhere between 3-6 years. Most batteries in late model vehicles are ‘service’ or ‘maintenance free’. Years ago a battery could be topped up with distilled water if needed but now the majority are sealed. Eclipse Automotive does a battery test at every service to makes sure that everything you turn the key, the battery is ready. The charging system is also tested because without a functioning charging system, even the best batteries will fail very quickly.

Eclipse Automotive recommends and stocks AC Declo batteries, and have done so for years. Batteries usually have a 2 year warranty but 3-6 years is the normal life depending on the type of use/driving habits of the user. A replacement battery at your next service if the original one tests low, is much more convenient and cheaper than a breakdown before work or on a cold wet night!

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