Airport West Mechanic - Wiper Blades

Are Your Wiper Blades Ready For Winter Rains?

An article from our Car Service series Wiper blades are always forgotten about, until it rains, then they drive you crazy until it stops raining, then they are forgotten again. Eclipse Automotive checks wipers at every service and replaces them if they are not wiping the windscreen properly. This can be annoying having streaks on […]

Engine Lights - Mechanic Airport West

What To Do When Your Engine Light Is On

An article from our Car Service series Engine light on? This can happen for many reasons, some serious, some not so much. Have your fault memories checked by the latest Snap On Diagnostic equipment at Eclipse Automotive. Our staff will report on the cause of the fault, quote for repairs and have you back on […]

Book a car service

Book Your Car Service Before the Christmas Rush

An article from our Car Service series Christmas is only around the corner, and the rush has already started, so don’t wait too long to book your car in for a service. There’s plenty of stress leading into the Christmas period as it is, so this is something you can do to avoid last minute […]